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Непрочетено мнение Публикувано на: 14 Юни 2015, 18:05       Заглавие:  MOS Summer 2015

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MOS Summer 2015
18 stages / about 340 rounds
Date: 29th of August – 30th of August 2015
Attention: You shoot the match in TWO half days!
Place: Shooting Range Oparany, near Tabor, Czech Republic
Saturday 7:00 a.m. Register Sunday 8:00 a.m. Mainmatch morning
8:00 a.m. Mainmatch morning 13:15 p.m. Mainmatch afternoon
12:00 p.m. Register
13:15 p.m. Mainmatch afternoon

Orga Team: MOS – Verein zur Durchführung von Schießsportveranstaltungen
Match Director: Guenter Friedrich
Range Master: Rainer Stettnisch / Kai Grone
Stats: Martin Friedrich

Entry fee: 80,00 EUR each match
280,00 Eur for the complete league –automatic reservation of the slots in the other
league by paying the league fee.
Entry fee for a team: 20,00 EUR
Juniors do not pay any entry fee.
Entry fee has to be paid at least at
15th of July – MOS Summer
Shooters not paying in time are moved to the waitinglist.
We do not pay money back for canceled registration – you are allowed to send another
shooter instead of you (in this case, please send us an e-mail).
Attention: New bank account !!!
Bank account: Guenter Friedrich, Kirchplatz 6, 95213 Muenchberg
Account no: 222349250 (IBAN DE15 7805 0000 0222 3492 50)
Bank: Sparkasse Hochfranken BLZ: 780 500 00 (BIC BYLADEM1HOF)
reference: <matchname> for <shootername>

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